Department Chair

Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss, PhD – Professor and Chair
Office: EP-04B
Phone number: 202.687.2791


Barbara Bayer, PhD – Professor
Office: EP-09
Phone number: 202.687.1616

Barbara S Bregman, PhD – Professor Emeritus
Office: Med Dent SE 113
Phone number: 202.687.1452

Mark Burns, PhD – Associate Professor & Vice-Chair
Office: EP-17C
Phone number: 202.687.4735

Katherine Conant, MD – Associate Professor
Office: EP-16A
Phone number: 202.687.2791

Pamela (Pam) Diener, PhD, MS, OT/L – Medical Educator Professor
Office: WG-05B
Phone number: 202.687.9196

Rebekah Evans, PhD – Assistant Professor
Office: EG31

Sarah Flowers, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
Office: EP-20A
Phone number: 202.687.4238

Xiong Jiang, PhD – Assistant Professor
Office: WP-24A
Phone number: 202.687.8928

Lawrence Kromer, PhD – Professor
Office: WP-14
Phone number: 202.687.1827

Pawel Kusmierek, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
Office: WP-15
Phone number: 202.687.8842

Bevan Main, PhD – Research Assistant Professor
Office: EG-08A
Phone number: 202.687.0283

Italo Mocchetti, PhD – Professor
Office: EP-09B
Phone number: 202.687.1197

Josef P Rauschecker, PhD, DSc – Professor
Office: WP-19
Phone number: 202.687.8842

G. William (Bill) Rebeck, PhD – Professor
Office: WP-13
Phone number: 202.687.1534

Maximilian (Max) Riesenhuber, PhD – Professor
Office: WP-12
Phone number: 202.687.9198

Ella Striem-Amit, PhD – Assistant Professor
Office: WP-10
Phone number: 202.687.4687

Michael Ullman, PhD – Professor
Office: EP-07
Phone number: 202.687.6064

Jian-Young Wu, PhD – Professor
Office: BSB-207A
Phone number: 202.687.1614

Faculty with Secondary Appointment in Neuroscience

Partick Forcelli, PhD
Office: NRB
Phone number: 202.687.5194

Jagmeet Kanwal, PhD 
Office: WP-09A
Phone number: 202.687.5194

Raymond Scott Turner, PhD 
Office: D-202B
Phone number: 202.687.7337

Stefano Vicini, PhD 
Office: BSB-225
Phone number: 202.687.6441

Adjunct Faculty

Valeria Avdoshina, MD/PhD

Norberto Grzywacz, PhD

Alumit Ishai, PhD

Lorenzo Leggio, MD

Nathan Neckel, PhD

Tayo Oyegbile, MD

Kareem Zagloul, PhD