Academic Programs

Master’s in Integrative Neuroscience

The Department of Neuroscience is the home department for the Master’s in Integrative Neuroscience program as well as training opportunities for graduate students. 

Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (IPN)

A PhD in Neuroscience is offered through the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience. For more information on how to apply to the IPN, please go to their admissions page

Training Grants

Support for graduate training is offered through the Department, the research grants of individual faculty, as well as through training grants directed by Neuroscience faculty.

Aging and Alzheimer’s Research Training Program (AART)

Program Director: William G. Rebeck
Administrator: Britnee Marius
Predoctoral | Established 2021 | Contact AART

The Georgetown University “Aging and Alzheimer’s Research Training” (AART) program is designed for predoctoral students and postdoctoral fellows from a wide variety of backgrounds. It is driven by a transdisciplinary group of over 20 researchers from 10 departments across biomedical topics that are associated with cognitive impairment with aging (e.g., diabetes, HIV infection, traumatic brain injury, proteinopathies, chemotherapy, seizures). The program builds on the strong, diverse research programs at Georgetown to train students and fellows more intentionally in topics of aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

Predoctoral participants join for Years 2-3. Eligible programs: Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular BiologyBiostatisticsInterdisciplinary Program in NeuroscienceMicrobiology & ImmunologyPharmacology & PhysiologyTumor Biology

Training in Neural Injury and Plasticity

Program Directors: Kathleen Anne Maguire-Zeiss, PhD & Mark Burns, PhD
Administrator: Britnee Marius
Predoctoral | Established 2001 | Contact NIP

The Training Program in Neural Injury and Plasticity (NIP) grew from the Center for Neural Injury and Recovery (CNIR) and represents a unique and highly collaborative endeavor at Georgetown University (GU). Since its inception in 2001, the NIP Training Program has provided support for many predoctoral students during their thesis period and postdoctoral trainees. Our predoctoral students are enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (IPN) at Georgetown University and represent a highly competitive group of applicants.

Predoctoral participants join for Years 3-5. Eligible programs: Interdisciplinary Program in NeurosciencePharmacology & Physiology

Training Program in NeuroHIV (TPNH)

Program Directors: Italo Mocchetti, PhD & Marta L. Catalfamo
Administrator: Britnee Marius
Predoctoral | Established 2021 | Contact TPNH

The objective of the predoctoral Training Program in NeuroHIV (TPNH) at Georgetown University is to train young neuroscientists to investigate the molecular and cellular mechanisms whereby HIV infection leads to the neurodegenerative processes. This TPNH is built on the existing strengths of both the Interdisciplinary Program in Neuroscience (IPN) and the basic and clinical research on HIV at Georgetown University.  Participating faculty provide expertise in neurodegeneration, immunology, neuroinflammation, neuropharmacology and infectious diseases. This interdisciplinary approach is provided by participating faculty from different disciplines/departments. Our faculty are heavily involved in predoctoral training and have a history of mentorship.

Predoctoral participants join for Years 3-4. Eligible programs: Interdisciplinary Program in NeuroscienceMicrobiology & ImmunologyTumor Biology

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