The standard courses for the one-year program (30 credits) are outlined below. MS in Integrative Neuroscience students are required to complete the required core courses (19 credits), which are supplemented by elective courses (11 credits). Elective courses can be chosen to complement the core curriculum and the research internship, and can be selected from other GUMC departments. If there is a course of particular interest to a student that does not appear on the curriculum elective list, he/she can submit a request to the Program Director or Program Coordinator to designate the course as an approved elective. The list of required core courses and the pre-approved GUMC electives (credits, semester offered) are shown below.

Our program charges a full-time, per-semester flat rate for students taking 12 credits or more in a semester, and a part-time, per-credit rate for students taking fewer than 12 credits.

Fall Semester

Required Courses for ALL Full-Time MS Integrative Neuroscience Students

SemesterCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
FallINNS 6000Critical Readings in Neuro I1
FallINNS 6300Translational Neuroscience2
FallINNS 6400Experimental Approaches & Techniques2
FallINNS 6500Basic Neuroscience I4

Electives – other electives may be available

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
FallINNS 6310Principles of Neuroimmunology2
FallINNS 9000Research Practicum I4
FallBIOL 5798Synaptic Transmission3
FallBSPA 6603Science & Technology in Global Arena:
Biomedical Science Policy & Advocacy
FallBSPA 6606Public Policy for Scientists3
FallBSPA 7800Global Infectious Disease2
FallNSCI 6006Computational Neuroscience2
FallPSYC 5003Cognitive Neuroscience3

Spring Semester

Required Courses for ALL Full-Time MS Integrative Neuroscience Students

SemesterCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
SpringINNS 6001Critical Readings in Neuro II1
SpringINNS 6201Imaging in Neuroscience2
SpringINNS 6501Basic Neuroscience II4
SpringNSCI 6007Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration3

Electives – other electives may be available

SemesterCourse NumberCourse NameCredits
SpringINNS 6101Neuroscience Shaping Society1
SpringINNS 6301Neurobiology of Drug Addiction2
SpringINNS 6303Cognitive Neuroscience & Aging2
SpringINNS 9001Research Practicum II4
SpringBSPA 7705Science Diplomacy & World Health2

Elective Courses

For elective credits, graduate students can select courses offered at GUMC and the College numbered 4000 & above.  Electives must be related to your field of study.

Discuss your course options with the Program Director (Kathy Maguire-Zeiss) or the Program Coordinator (Katie VanHouton) before registering for electives.

Some electives may require the approval of the course director and the add/drop form.

**Course schedule is subject to change.