Name (click to email) Office Phone


Barbara Bayer EP-04B 202.687.1616


Jensue Ferrell – Department & Program Coordinator EP-04 202.687.5391
Johnny Toma – Deputy Director, Finance & Administration EP-04A 202.687.9443


Valerias Avdoshina EG-31 202.687.1735
Nabil Azzam WP-08 202.687.3465
Barbara Bregman WP-10 202.687.1452
Mark Burns WP-22A 202.687.4735
Katherine Conant EP-16A 202.687.8614
Xiong Jiang WP-24A 202.687.8928
Pawel Kusmierek WP-15 202.687.8842
Lawrence Kromer WP-14 202.687.1827
Kathleen Maguire-Zeiss EP-08A 202.687.2791
Italo Mocchetti - Vice-Chair EP-09B 202.687.1197
Nathan Neckel EP-20 202.687.7083
Josef Rauschecker WP-19 202.687.8842
G. William (Bill) Rebeck WP-13 202.687.1534
Max Riesenhuber WP-12 202.687.9198
Michael Ullman D-237B 202.687.6064
Sonia Villapol EG-17 202.687.0283
Jean Wrathall EP-09 202.687.1196
Jian-Young Wu BSB-207A 202.687.1614

Faculty with Secondary Appointment in Neuroscience

Patrick Forcelli New Research Building 202.687.5194
Jagmeet Kanwal WP-09A 202.687.1305
Raymond Scott Turner D-202B 202.687.7337
Stefano Vicini BSB-225 202.687.6441

Adjunct Faculty

Brenda Bart-Knauer    
Antonello Bonci    
Luis Dettin    
Pam Diener    
Chou Hung    
Jay Schulkin    

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Florence Campana Riesenhuber Lab WP-01 202.687.7837


Eva Graf-Mackrodt Rauschecker Lab WP-19 202.687.4981
Shiva Hassanzadeh Jiang Lab EP-12D 202.687.7370
Kierra Jenkins Mocchetti Lab EG-01 202.687.1200
Sebastian Pena Rauschecker Lab WP-19 202.687.8842
Tao (Steven) Yin Maguire-Zeiss Lab EP-08 202.687.6976

Ph.D. & Undergraduate Students

Megan Allen Conant Lab EP-16 202.687.3429
Lorenzo Bozzelli Conant Lab EP-16 202.687.3429
Patrick Cox Riesenhuber Lab WP-01B 202.687.7837
Patrick Malone Riesenhuber Lab WP-16 202.687.8326
Summer Rozzi Mocchetti Lab EG-01 202.687.1200
Erin Wenzel Mocchetti Lab EG-01 202.687.1200
Carissa Winland Maguire-Zeiss Lab EP-08 202.687.6976

Work-Study Students

Arnelle Clark EP-04 202.687.2870