• Alzheimer's Risk Genes Linked to Changes in Young, Healthy Brains

    Alzheimer's Risk Genes Linked to Changes in Young, Healthy Brains

    Adam Green, PhD, and G. William Rebeck, PhD, research two Alzheimer's risk genes and how they relate to foreshadowing cognitive decline late in life.

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  • Ullman Lab

    Ullman Lab

    “We had not expected this interesting finding,” says Michael Ullman, director of the Brain and Language Laboratory at Georgetown University Medical Center and senior author of the study that found boys with high-functioning autism could process a key grammar task faster than boys without autism.

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  • Conant Lab

    Conant Lab

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  • Federoff Lab

    Federoff Lab

    A blood test that can predict with 90 percent accuracy if a healthy person will develop mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer’s disease within three years has been discovered and validated by researchers at Georgetown and six other institutions.

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  • Rauschecker Lab

    Rauschecker Lab

    The sounds that make up speech, built from slight variations in vowels and consonants, trigger specific responses in the part of the brain responsible for speech processing, researchers report today in Science.

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  • Mocchetti Lab

    Mocchetti Lab

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