Katherine Conant, MD

MD, Boston University School of Medicine
AB, Cornell University 
Phone: 202.687.8614
Fax: 202.687.0617
E-mail: kec84@georgetown.edu

Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a family of zinc-dependent endopeptidases that can be released and/or activated in a neuronal activity dependent manner. MMP expression and activity can also be dramatically upregulated with injury, including that mediated by infection or hypoxia. Many studies have therefore focused on their role in brain pathology. Physiological release of MMPs is, however, critical adaptive processes including learning and memory.

Our work is focused on the mechanisms by which MMPs influence neuronal and synaptic structure and function. We are particularly interested in their ability to cleave specific synaptic adhesion molecules and their ability to influence population activity through modulation of the perineuronal net. MMP mediated effects on neuronal structure and function are tested in varied models, including those related to disease. Present PhD students include Griffin Greco, Ismary Blanco, Katie Hummel, Matthew Amontree and Karli Gilbert. Former PhD students include Doctors Megan Allen, Lorenzo Bozzelli, and Seham Alaiyed. 

Current Projects:

  1. Proteolysis as a mediator of antidepressant efficacy.  Studies are focused on the question of whether proteolysis can stimulate excitatory synapse formation and/or reduce inhibitory input to pyramidal cells.
  2. Manipulating monoaminergic tone to increase cognitive reserve and reduce amyloid deposition in a mouse model of AD.
  3. Dysregulated proteolysis in HIV associated neurocognitive disorders.

Relevant Publications:

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